Must Visit London Film Festivals

Any film buff worth their salt has a couple of sterling film festivals marked in their calendar…

Whilst we can’t all afford to visit Cannes or Venice, there are thankfully a good handful of excellent film festivals in our sooty capital which offer cinephiles a great opportunity to brush up next to the cast and crew responsible for the years’ best releases, watch some cutting edge cinema and even gain some insight into the world of film production.

Whilst there are dozens of cracking film festivals up and down the country that are well worth your time, I’ll be focusing on the best ones that London has to offer in this post. There’s no substitute for the buzz and excitement that comes with a major Hollywood production, and although we’re yet to see a British equivalent of this movie-making institution, it’s safe to say that London is currently the closest thing that we have.

These festivals employ hundreds of people, see venues across the city plastered with flashy vinyl decals and bring hoards of film lovers into the city each year – which one will you visit?

BFI London Film Festival

Taking place between 2nd-13th October this year, the BFI London Film Festival is one of the UK film industry’s most anticipated events and regularly attracts scores of high profile film makers. This year’s festival is set to be as big as ever, with 225 feature films being shown over 14 cinemas and 12 days.

The East End Film Festival

Although the EEFF is taking a ‘strategic’ break this year it’s an event that you should certainly still mark in your diary. Founded in 2000, its one of the UK’s largest film festivals and offers an annual multi-platform experience for established and local filmmakers alike.

Feminista Film Festival

This year’s edition of the popular feminist-driven event will be centred around female models celebrated through the form of documentary film. Documentary cinema has recently seen a huge boost in popularity, so this should make 2019’s incarnation one of the most popular yet, make sure you book your tickets ahead of schedule!


Once a year horror stalks the streets of London in the form of Fright Fest, an annual celebration of the very best Horror cinema that the world has to offer. This 20 year old festival has seen such horror luminaries such as Clive Barker, Guillermo Del Toro and Dario Argento take to the stage to present their films, and takes place in August.

Irish Film London

Now in its 9th year, this year’s Irish Film London presents the very best in Irish Film & Animation to British audiences. Premiere screenings, Director Q&As, performances and exhibitions are all par for the course here at a pioneering festival that holds events for St. Patrick’s Day and the annual Irish Film Festival in November.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, find a place to stay and immerse yourself in a world of cinema!